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Meet Thompson Tank, California’s Vacuum Tank Specialists

In 1950, C.S. “Tommy” Thompson incorporated a company that promised to stay on the cutting edge of vacuum pump technology. Now, several decades later, Thompson Tank continues to be a world leader in the vacuum tank industry, just as Tommy envisioned. Our family-run California business works with companies worldwide to give the tailored solutions they need to solve their unique logistics problems. We can’t wait to work with you, too.

Quality sets the work we do with vacuum tanks and vacuum pumps apart from the competition. We service and repair all vacuum tank makes and models, from nonhazardous to hazardous materials, to keep your company on the road. Your tanks stay compliant with ever-changing regulations while staying completely efficient when you bring them to Thompson Tank. We also design, build, and inspect vac trucks and vac trailers that perfectly fit your unique operating requirements. We get the job done right and get your fleet back on the road.

A Source forGlobal Vacuum Pump Solutions

Of course, no vacuum tank is complete without a proper pump. Thompson Tank has the expertise and care to inspect, repair, design, and furnish vacuum pumps. Not only do we sell every reputable make and model of pump, but we also build our own piston-type pumps.

Thompson Tank can do it all because of our extensive history and dedication to perfect service. Our team actively maintains ASME and DOT certifications, and we are always looking beyond the latest trends to see what the next big development in vacuum technology will be. We became an industry leader by looking for the next big vacuum technology development on the horizon and finding ways to improve our current products.

Thompson Tank is ready to help you solve all your vacuum tank and pump problems. Call or email us to get started today.

Phone: (562) 869-7711
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