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California's Leader in Custom Vac Tanks and DOT Inspections

Thompson Tank offers DOT inspections, vac tank repair services, and custom vac tank and trailer design and manufacturing for our worldwide clients. From simple beginnings to more than 80 years of excellent service, our family-owned, California-based company continues to help businesses succeed.

We took root in the mid-1930s when C.S. "Tommy" Thompson coordinated with Jop Chancellor to design a vacuum pump in order to empty a shaker pit on Signal Hill. Tommy continued to build on that industry-changing idea to develop the first vacuum-loading portable cargo tank. He established the Thompson Tank & Manufacturing Company after returning from WWII in 1946. The company, which was renamed Thompson Tank Inc. in 1994, is now owned and operated by David B. Thompson, Tommy's grandson.

We're proud to serve as industry leaders. Our innovative tanks, trailers, and pumps help businesses around the world operate efficiently and safely. We're committed to abiding by the principals of quality established by Tommy Thompson himself. All Thompson Tank equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, where we are always working to improve the high quality of each unit we manufacture. We strive to provide maximum value, so you always get what you pay for with our services and custom equipment.

Vac Tank Alterations and More – Taking Safety to New Heights

Thompson Tank offers everything you need to maintain your vacuum tanks, trailers, and pumps, including vac tank alterations, rebuilds, and replacements. Our ASME-certified welders are backed by an industry-leading engineering staff, which ensures the integrity of our products during accidents and disasters.

Our vac tank alteration, maintenance, and repair services give you the most value out of every unit purchased from Thompson Tank. Any company in California can bring their tanks in and let us restore them in full. We look forward to helping every client obtain and maintain the equipment they need to operate a safe and successful business.

Do you want to learn more about our services? Contact Thompson Tank today and see how our family-owned and operated business solves problems and improves efficiency year over year.

Phone: (562) 869-7711
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