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California's Trusted Supplier of Vacuum Pumps

If you're going to invest in vacuum pumps, why not work with one of the longest-standing designers and manufacturers in the industry? From California to anywhere in the world, Thompson Tank designs, manufactures, and ships custom vacuum pumps. Our catalog also includes top-of-the-line pumps from every reputable make and model on the market today.

Thompson Tank has provided exceptional quality and impeccable client care in all services since 1950. Part of that quality comes from understanding that the vacuum truck industry is constantly evolving. We stay in touch with both the latest trends and the innovations on the horizon.

The best pump for each of your trucks is always in stock at Thompson Tank. Whether you allow us to design and manufacture a custom truck and trailer for your business or you just need to upgrade your vacuum pumps for existing trucks, consider us your premier destination for all solutions related to hazardous materials and fluids.

One-Stop Shop for PTO, Hydraulic, Diesel, and Gear Pumps

When you need a fleet’s worth of new gear pumps or a DIY kit for a PTO-drive pump, Thompson Tank has you covered. We strive to offer the most comprehensive catalog of pumps in California and nationwide, including:

  • PTO Pumps – Select from a variety of industrial pumps suitable for multiple types of PTO installations. We have access to pumps of all makes and models, including turnkey installations and do-it-yourself kits.
  • Hydraulic Pumps – We design our hydraulic-driven industrial vac pumps for maximum longevity and reliability. We can provide a wide variety to ensure the proper horsepower and RPM requirements are met for every truck.
  • Diesel Engine Pumps – We use only the best Deutz engines for our diesel pumps. Every pump includes vibration-proof mounting, Group 31 batteries, and a Thompson oil separator/silencer.
  • Gear Pumps – We work with multiple manufacturers to accommodate our clients’ specific operating pressure requirements and product compatibilities. We put our trust in Roper, Bowie, Viking, Ranger, and more.

If it's time to upgrade your pumps, contact Thompson Tank for custom selections.

Phone: (562) 869-7711
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